Broadoak Choir

A Community Choir, based in the Village Hall.

Broadoak choir has been up and running for about 14 years now. It's present membership is about 24, an equal spread of Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses. Over the years we have developed a good local following, and brought music to the major festivals of Christmas and Easter, as well as the weddings, christenings and funerals of local folk. We do one or two concerts a year, and sing the odd service at Mapperton and Pilsdon.

Our range of music is fairly eclectic, and we hope to broaden our base a little more this year, adding some jazz settings to our folksong and anthem repertoire. Most of the choir are now good readers, but we encourage people who are not yet confident, but who have good voices, to come and learn alongside more experienced readers. We have three writers/arrangers within the choir who produce original work for us to sing.

If you would be interested in joining us, email: to find out more.


Follow this link to see what Create! have been up to

Create! is a childrens'workshop, held on occasional Sunday mornings in The Hall and elsewhere

The Hall is regularly used by the Broadoak Choir, and the Marshwood Young Farmers.
It hosts village events, from Breakfasts to Beetle Drives ,with parties at Harvest and Christmas.

The Hall is available for private hire for parties, and has been the venue for christenings, birthdays, weddings and wakes.

The Phone Box Project

to give us feedback,and/ or to volunteer to get more involved, contact Alex O'Dwyer on 01308 421 819 or 07940 538 540


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Snapshots of past activities

pilg 1

Bishop Graham leads the pilgrims up Hell lane from
St Peter's to St.Paul's,
in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the building of both in the same year.


Tea and cake in Broadoak, before full choral evensong with the choir in St. Paul's.


pilg 2

The Choir singing at the summer party   choir
jubilee   The Village celebrates The Jubilee with their big bonfire
joining the chain of beacons countrywide

For futhur information,contact us on 01308 424 922
or email us at