The Hall is a regular host to Arts Reach activities.

‘A Christmas Carol’

coming up at Broadoak Village Hall on Saturday 9 December at 7.30pm.

c carol flyer

Living Spit – Tortoise vs Hare

Here is the information about the next Artsreach production in the hall on Wednesday 17th May at 7.30 

Living Spit – Tortoise vs Hare

The race is set, the heat is on… join Living Spit at the starting blocks for another adrenaline fuelled theatrical lap.

Barry Hare, Wrington running champ. fit, popular and, above all, fast.

Toby 'Tortoise' Gollop, eater of doughnuts. Look up 'relaxed' in the dictionary and you'll see his picture.

Two very different men. One running club, and the race to end all races.

Told entirely in rhyme and song, this promises to be an epic tale of romance, redemption and rural running rivalry that you'll never forget.

Following sell out summer tours with ‘One Man & His Cow’ and ‘The Fabulous Bacon boys’, this hilarious duo are back once more with another fabulous new show. Touring in Dorset through Artsreach, the counties touring arts charity, early booking is highly advised! Suitable 10+  |



Petite Annonces


Saturday March 4th


7.30 pm

Gypsy swing avec un accent Francais – back by popular demand!

North Dorset based Petites Annonces play a unique mix of gypsy jazz (Django Reinhardt et al), bonnes old french chansons from the likes of Charles Trenet, Jacques Dutronc and Boris Vian, all wrapped in a big slice of Punk Manouche. Established in 2005 the quartet have played numerous venues and events including Le QuecumBar, London’s premier gypsy swing bar and The International Gypsy Guitar Festival in Gossington. Led by rhythm guitarist and vocalist Jipé Gérardin, the band features twin lead guitars from Bradley Laming and Pete Nicholson, Dan Baker on violin and squeezebox, with bassist Steve Laming holding down the bottom end. The group's take on many gypsy jazz classics are less about staying true to the original or showing off their virtuosity. Instead, they brand the songs with their own character and sense of fun, all while keeping the spirit of swing alive. Petites Annonces warn that their audiences may experiences some side effects during their performances, such as foot tapping, finger snapping or cravings for camembert, saucisson or red wine! Expect to hear something different avec un accent Francais in Dorset thanks to Artsreach, the counties touring arts charity! 




Tim Dalling & Malcolm Green – Shearwater

Friday 14th October at 7.30pm. 

Shearwater opens a world of beauty, loss, longing and timeless truth through personal and mythic stories and songs. It gracefully balances the heartfelt and the humorous, never losing its footing but letting the audience know they are on the edge. In 1969, storyteller Malcolm Green spent three months on a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Iceland studying huge colonies of seabirds. His experiences there form the frame into which many different journeys are woven: from the extraordinary life of the shearwater to a young man's coming of age and the transformation of the gull-woman. Now Malcolm shares his stories with the accompaniment of extraordinary musician and entertainer Tim Dalling (The New Rope String Band).

  tin press

PuppetCraft - 'The Tin Forest'
Thurs 27 Oct, 4:00pm. Broadoak Village Hall 01308 427418/424922 
£6, £5 u18s, £20 family

An old man lives in a dreary junkyard, full of other people’s broken and unwanted rubbish. He dreams that one day his life will be full of life, colour and sound. His wish is about to come true… This uplifting, humorous and touching show is full of visual invention, puppetry and musical fun, with mechanical birds, a wind-up circus and exotic animals of all shapes and sizes. Although told without words, the show has a sound-scape of live music and sound effects. Suitable 3+

Pre-show workshop at 2pm for children aged 7+. Space for 30 children at £3 each, enquire when booking.

Create your own animated sculpture from discarded materials to feature in the show, then learn to perform in our junk-instrument orchestra!

Below is a selection of past ARTS REACH performances in Broadoak Village Hall
  The Devil’s Violin – The Forbidden Door

Don't open that door! As soon as the rule is laid down, we know it will be broken.
Once the door is opened, then what? With their visceral combination of live music and dynamic storytelling,
The Devil’s Violin weave an enchantment of melody and mystery.
  Breathing new life into the ancient art of storytelling since 2006, The Devil’s Violin return to the County following a hugely popular Dorset tour with A Love Like Salt.  Virtuoso musicians Sarah Moody, Dylan Fowler and Oliver Wilson-Dickson are joined by extraordinary storyteller Dominic Kelly.
Drawing on influences from Folk and World to Jazz and Classical, the music and story work as one, transporting you into a world of the imagination. Expect love, loss, drama, danger, horror, humour, twists and trials Suitable 12+
“A scintillating combination of music, sound and story” The Times  |


"Freya - a Viking Saga" by the Angelheart and Rattlebox theatre.

A review by Freddie O'Dwyer, age 8

In Broadoak villige hall on the 27th of October, Dave and James from a theatre company came to Broadoak to do a Viking workshop and puppet show.

The Viking workshop was very interesting. We learned about which was the most common weapon and which was the least common weapon - the spear was most common and the sword was least common. Dave taught us how to use a spear. I didn't know that some spears had wings just below the point which were helpful to pull down enemy shields. We also learned to use shields and we did a shield wall and we got to march on the parents at the back - they were throwing soft balls back at us. I think the children won and we worked as a good team. A shield wall is where people with the shields and chain mail and helmets go at the front and the people with the spears go at the back. The shields protect the weaker people and the people at the back throw their weapons over the heads of the people with the shields. Viking battles were a lot more dangerous than I thought at first and though it was fun I am glad it wasn't a real battle.

Then we watched the puppet show of Freya. It was really funny and had lots of stories that the characters told about Gods and Giants. The giant that was trying to eat Freya had a very funny face. My favourite story was when the magic giant tried to trick Thor by getting him to try to do impossible things like drink up all the ocean.


The giant and Freya were arguing about who was the cleverest out of Gods, Giants and humans. Freya won because she set a competition to see who could make something cut through the air and make the heart beat faster. The giant just made a sword. But Freya was cleverer and got her wolf, called Wolfie, to howl and call the rest of the wolf pack (which were the children in the audience!). The calls of the pack cut through the air and made the giant scared and his heart beat faster. So Freya won!!!

Overall it was a brilliant afternoon and I will remember it for a long time. My brother Henry liked it when Thor was bashing the giant on the head with his sparkly hammer and my brother James liked Freya best, he liked her sword and her wolf.

Thank you Dave and James! By Freddie O'Dwyer


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