To make a booking, firstly please phone Georgina on 01308 424 922

(We will confirm that the dates and times are available, and tell you how much the booking will be.)

Then please fill in and print the form below.

Send it off to Georgina, together with your cheque for the booking fee

please type in the details below, print out this page, and send off this booking form
Name of hirer
email address
Date hall is required
hours of hire from until
purpose of hire
requirements: Hall
( please put yes or no) kitchen
  crockery etc

A paid cleaner is available to clear up after your event, for an additional sum, charged hourly. Please indicate if you want to book her as well.

Please don't forget to sign here after you've printed it out ....



For futhur information,contact us on 01308 424 922
or email us at